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Exhibitions are a great way of meeting people and getting your brand out there. With IBC on the horizon, you’re no doubt hoping to schedule some media briefings. Our latest blog delves into what makes a good media interview.

Media briefings at exhibitions are a great opportunity to share your business’s latest news, whether that’s a launch or a recent customer. However, even without fresh news, media meetings can still be on the cards. Meeting journalists is a great way of introducing yourself, along with your business to the publication. It gives you an opportunity to discuss the industry and the latest technologies and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge. Media meetings are a great chance to build fantastic relationships with publications – in the future, this relationship can make journalists far more receptive to your news or more willing to invite you to feature in their magazine. Nailing the interview is key, so we have compiled a list of our top tips to help you get the most from your interviews:

1. Have some stats and evidence to your support and claims. A meaty stat will pique the journalist’s interest and showcase that you really do know what you’re talking about.

2. Structure your responses.If you’ve been asked what you think about a topic, answer with what is effectively a tiered response. Make your first point, introduce your second point, deliver your third. You can then elaborate on each of these and summarise.

3. It seems obvious to say it… but answer the question!Don’t railroad the conversation to suit your own agenda, don’t skirt around the issue by being woolly and above all else do not make it up as you go along! These are all sure-fire ways to make sure you’re far down the list when journalists need comment or contributions again.

4. Choose the right spokesperson.You need someone who knows your business and industry well. If you can offer a valuable and insightful opinion, you’re far more likely to be approached in the future to contribute to the publication.

5. Get back to basics! Be responsive, self-aware, friendly, open to questions and always know when enough is enough. The basics are often over-looked, and it can be refreshing to take stock of what’s important when meeting people for the first time. People interact with people – if you’re well liked, the journalist is more likely to contact you in the future. 

6. Make sure you know the name of the journalist and publication.Speak clearly and concisely. Being informal is fine!

7. Don’t presume that anything is ‘off the record’.Whatever you say can’t be undone. Don’t say anything that you don’t want to be quoted. 

8. Prepare before the interview. Is there anything you want to ask beforehand? It’s much better to get things straight at the beginning.

9. Don’t feel the need to fill any silence.Say what you need to, but also know when to stop! There is no pressure to fill in gaps.


10. Create a good atmosphere by using the journalist’s first name in conversation. It will put you at ease and will help make you be more engaging.

11. Make your knowledge available to the journalist for future needs. Being an educational and helpful ‘go-to’ person will enhance your standing.

And finally, we’ve saved the absolutely unbreakable rule until last:

12. Don’t be late.Show up late once and that journalist might never show up for you again.

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