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Written by Laura Hiscox, Marketing and PR Manager– Radical Moves PR

Social media is here to stay so having a strong strategy is a must. You’ve filled in your bio, (you have, haven’t you?) and you’re ready to start posting. Here’s 5 tips to help you get more from social media…

1. Make a schedule

Planning what you are going to post about has lots of benefits. It helps you be consistent, and that’s important.

Setting yourself a simple calendar will help you …

  • Time your posts to get maximum engagement, schedule your posts and you won’t have to post in real-time
  • Avoid using the same content multiple times in a day or week. Keep things fresh and you’ll benefit from better engagement levels
  • Tailor your posts to each platform 

2. Understand your channels

You know that Instagram is all about photos, correct?

Did you know that Facebook Live gets six times the engagement levels of other content types?

If you are looking to grow your Twitter followers, infographics and videos generate a lot more shares than plain text posts.

LinkedIn is where you can author your own articles. Start working on being an industry expert by sharing your knowledge here.

3. Use images

You don’t need a Creative Director to start using photos or visuals. Consider the options you might be overlooking already, like:

  • Photos of customers
  • Photos of staff at work
  • Photos from tradeshows or networking events
  • Photos from behind the scenes
  • Infographics from your industry trade body 

4. Start making relationships through your social media

If people are engaging with your posts, set yourself a little time each day to respond and thank them. 

Get started with these ideas:

  • @mention anyone you include on your social posts
  • Respond to questions
  • Reply when people tag you in a post, @mention you or share your posts
  • When you share other peoples’ posts make sure you add your own views or comment too

By @mentioning people on your posts it highlights the connection you have and builds the profile for all parties. Don’t break any NDAs but if it’s ok to shout about the good work of your client, that you’ve been involved with, then make sure you tag them on your post.

 5. Include keywords

Make a note of the most relevant keywords for your industry. Even better, if you can spare half an hour, research these using a tool like Google Trends. You might think that your industry talks about itself in a particular way, but it’s better if you can confirm it.

Use these keywords in your posts in a casual and sensible way. Don’t fall victim of ‘keyword stuffing’ which is unnatural and sounds an alarm! You can use hashtags (#) on the majority of social media channels that allow others to find your content when you’ve featured the keyword they are looking for.

Google Trends can also help you think about ideas of what’s rising in popularity and being talked about. Take a look and see if you can spot an opportunity for yourself, like this one highlighting the shift towards talking about OTA versus OTT.


These tips should help you build a solid foundation from which to build your following. And, whilst follower numbers are not the be all and end all, they do give others a sense of whether you are worthy of their attention and time. Share your opinion, post valuable content, employ the tips above and a good following should come naturally.