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Awards – some people in the industry aren’t too fond of the price tag that is associated with some of them. But there is an argument that says they are worth the cost. We have certainly had some fantastic experience with clients in the past. And we don’t just mean by winning.

One of the major keys to ensuring that you are generating the most worth out an awards submission is by correctly targeting entries. For example, big industry events such as NAB or IBC have awards that run alongside the event. If a submission category is relevant, and you are going to be exhibiting at the event, then entering the awards can be extremely beneficial, even if there is a cost. For some companies, this could be an untapped resource for recognition and awareness.

This is because more often than not, industry professionals, (that are likely going to be at the event) will have read all about your company and your incredibly innovative solution for your vertical when judging your submission, or reading your shortlist description. This just might pique their interest just enough to get them to come by your stand, or maybe discuss you with their colleagues. It can work as a silent networking and awareness generating tool. People will be talking all about you, and for a good reason. This is heightened if you are shortlisted (which, if you have a solid submission you should be). Many of these awards will encourage companies to display their shortlisted status on their stand.

But, you knew all this right? Because you have seen the signs whilst walking around exhibitions, and you have overheard, or maybe even partaken in conversations that discuss the awards, and the companies that might just be lucky enough to take one home. I know that we certainly have. So, if all it takes a carefully considered submission to a correctly targeted award, why not throw your hat into the ring?

In fact, it’s not all events. Some awards are held by magazines throughout the year, and if you know that your target audience reads the magazine that is hosting the awards (maybe you have even had a few opinion pieces in it) then the benefits of entering the awards are obvious. Having trusted and recognised magazine recognise your company in its awards (which will of course be covered in the magazine) is an advantageous method of getting in front of your target audience, with a voice that they trust shouting about you.

Awards can additionally be a great way to generate awareness about customer project, beyond press releases and case studies. For example, one of our clients Accedo worked with Telekom in 2017 to develop a VR experience titled Magenta Musik 360. This was entered into the CSI awards, and won best VR innovation at IBC 2017. This is a great example of how awards can work as a tool to generate further awareness of a project or solution, as well as making the client feel warm and fuzzy too!

Now, winning is arguably the obvious goal and there is no denying that it makes for a  great tool to generate some press coverage. Who doesn’t want to shout about how proud they are of their company receiving some deserved recognition? We have had some really worthy winners in the past few months, with Open Broadcast Systems winning NAB Best of Show, and Object Matrix winning the IABM BAM awards for Storage. Award submissions have the potential to be a great generator for awareness in the industry. Not only that, but a carefully crafted submission that results in a win? It a great feeling.

We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings for our clients in the upcoming awards ceremonies. Especially with clients such as Object Matrix receiving great recognition with two nominations into the Storage Awards for ‘One to Watch’ and ‘Object Storage Vendor of the Year’ – click here to vote for them!