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,” said Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze, “Announces first joint customer, Everwell

Stockholm, Sweden 9th October 2018 – Cantemo and Backblaze have launched an integrated solution to deliver a cost-efficient cloud media management and storage solution. The joint solution has already been implemented by Everwell.
The combination of Cantemo iconik and Backblaze B2 enables users to ingest and archive raw assets from Backblaze without having to maintain a local server and storage hardware installation. Once uploaded, every team member has immediate access to raw assets and lightweight proxy files which are quickly generated by iconik. The integration is cloud-delivered and enables pay-as-you-go pricing.
Everwell is a video production company that specializes in medical-themed content. It developed a digital signage solution for medical caregivers, like doctors and dentists, to show Everwell’s content and replace the typical daytime TV shows and cable news that play in patient areas. As the Everwell team expanded across multiple sites, it was challenged with finding a cost-effective way to store content accessible in each production office  and keep the content managed and discoverable.

“The ‘everyone in the same production building’ model didn’t work for us any longer as our content service grew  with more and more editors and producers checking in content from remote locations that our entire team needed to use immediately. With iconik and Backblaze, we have what feels like the modern cloud-delivered production tool we’ve always wanted.”

Loren Goldfarb

COO and Partner, Everwell

Cantemo iconik is a hybrid video hub for managing, sharing, and collaborating on media. It was designed to keep media assets secure and organized, whilst ensuring global access. Using a hybrid architecture, assets can be stored in the cloud, on-premises, or as a mixture of the two, whilst enabling full access to the entire library when needed. It includes a powerful API, making customization and integration with other tools simple.

“Creatives and media companies are handling an explosion of photo and video content. I’m thrilled to have Backblaze and Cantemo partner to solve the challenges of storing and managing these assets. Backblaze B2 cloud storage costs 1/4th that of other clouds, and Cantemo iconik provides an easy-to-use web-based asset manager. These work seamlessly together completely in the cloud to support a single person or the largest globally distributed team.”

Gleb Budman

CEO, Backblaze

With its extreme reliability and breakthrough pricing of $5/TB/month, Backblaze B2 has quickly become the cloud storage of choice for business backup and archive, and media archivists and content producers demanding the highest reliability, most cost-effective storage that fits every part of their production workflow.

“Video is being produced and delivered by a wide range of different types of companies, with vastly different needs. A cloud workflow means that it can be easily adapted to suit those as required. However, the biggest barrier right now is the cost for cloud storage, something that Backblaze is solving.”

Parham Azimi

CEO, Cantemo

Existing assets, whether on disk, tape, or another asset manager can be easily imported to iconik. Customers can use the Backblaze B2 Fireball –  a rapid ingest service – to quickly seed their B2 account with up to 70TB at a time.
Interested customers can take advantage of a special launch promotion to receive $300 in iconik credits by contacting sales@cantemo.com before October 31, 2018. 

Cantemo and Backblaze will also be holding a webinar to discuss the integrated solution. Sign up is available here.

About Cantemo

Cantemo was established to lead the revolution for next generation Media Asset Management. Its founders, with years of experience behind them, could see a trend emerging for the creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast. This meant that the existing MAM systems would no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.
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About Backblaze
Backblaze delivers astonishingly easy-to-use and low-cost cloud storage and cloud backup services. Their B2 Cloud Storage platform is just $5/TB/month for data storage and $0.01/GB for data egress or $0.00/GB for data egress to the Cloudflare CDN. For over a decade Backblaze has been the trusted cloud storage provider for tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of users in over 150 countries worldwide. Today, Backblaze stores over 600 petabytes of data on their innovative high density storage pods uniquely arranged into their vastly scalable and performant Backblaze Vault architecture. They are known for their quarterly Hard Drive Stats reports, open-sourcing their Storage Pod design, and generally being an open and transparent company in the otherwise opaque cloud storage industry. For more information on Backblaze please visit http://www.backblaze.com.
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