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Stockholm, Sweden, 13th January 2020 – Cantemo has announced the latest update to its Media Asset Management System, Portal. Portal 4.2 launches new features including additional sharing options, improved search filters for predefined metadata values and a Centralized Transfer Configuration.
With its focus on delivering solutions to the broadcast industry, Portal 4.2 provides users with improved sharing capabilities. The newly improved Share Page allows users to share multiple assets and collections at one time. Its improved search capabilities include the introduction of filters within predefined metadata values; its new ability to use filtered searches allows for more accurate results with fewer empty returns.
Additionally, the Centralized Transfer Configuration feature delivers updated NLE settings, allowing users to set up various upload storages, agent bandwidth and define transfer settings for user groups. This flexibility allows users to define and configure settings depending on location, enabling groups to upload and transcode using the resources nearest to their location.

“Working with the media across many industries, our customers face significant challenges in regard to managing their assets. Consumer demand for content is at an all-time high; people expect steady access to new and interesting content. To respond to this demand, we’re seeing content owners increase the amount of content they produce. Never has it been more important to keep track of the content they own. Adding to the complexity of content delivery is the growing trend for global working. Editing and sharing files needs to be simple and efficient to ensure that content is produced effectively. Portal 4.2 allows broadcasters to take control of their assets whilst providing intelligent workflows throughout the editing process.”

Parham Azimi

CEO, Cantemo

In addition to the added features, Portal 4.2 also utilizes an upgraded version of web framework software, Django, 2.2, as well as an upgrade to Elasticsearch 7. Elasticsearch 7 introduces the ability to perform fuzzy searches, returning more results even if the query is not exact or incomplete. The latest version of React has also been implemented, allowing the use of React hooks for plugin development which will reduce complexity for cleaner code while maintaining high functionality.
Effective management of assets allows organizations to maximize the potential of their available resources, enabling them to deliver the best media content possible.
Cantemo Portal 4.2 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth at NAB (SL6021) from 19th – 22nd April 2020. For more information about the features, you can view the release notes here.

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