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Welwyn Garden City, UK, 9th Sept 2019 – CRIBB Cyber Security, part of TheICEway, has launched a maritime cyber security solution. Aimed exclusively at the maritime industry, CMCA (CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance) is an affordable solution, offering accreditation that conforms with industry wide Data Protection principles.
The CMCA solution from CRIBB Cyber Security is specifically designed to be a complete assessment and resolution package with ongoing support and service that offers clients the chance to increase protection, improve defence and ensure global compliance to data protection and regulations.

“Incidences of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches are on the rise, a staggering 20% of respondents to last year’s Maritime Cyber Security Survey revealed that they had been the victim of a cyber-attack in 2018, with 3% stating that the cost of an attack was anywhere from $1m to $10m. Some of the biggest data breaches recorded happened in 2018 with over 2 billion people being affected and some of the biggest companies in the world being targeted. This illustrates the need for progressive cyber security solutions, especially in the maritime industry which with its lack of inbuilt encryption in navigation systems is often viewed as a soft target.”

Conor Byrne, Managing Director

Managing Director, CRIBB Cyber Security

The solution covers Data Protection regulations compliance, such as GDPR , CCPA and OAIC, cyber essentials, Payment Card Industry Data SecurityStandard (PCI DSS), and thePrivacy and Electronic Communications 2003 European Regulations (PECR). It offers complete support and training for all employees, policy definition and evaluation, technical controls and protocols for digital information management and assessment of external relationships as well as physical and environmental checks.
TheICEway will be attending the Seatrade Europe Cruise & River Cruise Convention from 11th – 13th September and sponsoring the prestigious Seatrade Awards.

CRIBB Cyber Security is an official certification body backed by the UK government that provides end-to-end cyber resilience. CRIBB is the Cyber Security arm of TheICEway ecosystem of companies and consists of cyber security professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge who can work alongside companies and their staff to educate them and to protect their data.
TheICEway provides a blended set of services to clients looking to enable their digital transformation strategies. The ecosystem comprises of a consultancy service, managed services, QA testing, development assistance and resource, future technologies – artificial intelligence and virtual reality – and cyber security through the CRIBB brand.
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