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El Segundo, US, 18th June 2019 – Envoi is launching a cloud-based data, migration, and post production workflow solution at the AWS M&E Symposium on June 18th in Los Angeles. Enabled by Cantemo and Teradici PCoIP® technology, Envoi is the first to offer a white-labeled media “production-to-payment” platform. 
Envoi is a cloud-based content management, distribution, and monetization platform, giving broadcasters and video content providers a complete secure end-to-end video management and distribution system. Available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, Envoi is designed to provide simple and efficient data migration to the cloud and between services in the workflow. 
Thanks to a close partnership with Cantemo, Envoi has been integrated with Cantemo’s media asset management solution, Cantemo Portal™ and its cloud video management hub, Cantemo iconik®. iconik makes it easy to collaborate on media, regardless of geographic location. Advanced Artificial Intelligence simplifies content discovery by improving metadata collection. By combining Envoi with Cantemo Portal, media companies of virtually all sizes can now monetize their video libraries within 48 hours.

Envoi also enables post-production in the cloud with the integration of iconik with Teradici-enabled workstations on AWS. These workstations are configured to support a wide range of editing and post production tools. By supporting the entire post production process on AWS, Envoi is providing a solution that greatly increases the security, performance, and collaboration potential within the creative process. Delivering the solution through AWS Marketplace simplifies procurement, delivery, and deployment for Envoi’s customers.

“In just a few years, I believe all production workflows will be cloud-based. This is not surprising when you consider the huge cost of high-end on-premises hardware, which very quickly becomes obsolete. Cloud services are much more cost-effective and give users instant access to the latest tools. However, cloud media workflows have been unrealistic to achieve, until now. Our solution makes it possible for our customers to keep those entire workflows cloud-based, cutting down on on-premises hardware and enabling global collaboration.”

Nicholas Stokes

CEO, Envoi

Envoi, a Teradici reseller partner, is demonstrating its conviction in the value of cloud-based post-production workflows by giving away one hundred free PCoIP Zero Client devices. These devices provide secure access to a virtual workstation environment using Teradici Cloud Access Software, along with 60 days’ worth of a Cantemo iconik credits and AWS credits to enable companies to evaluate the solution. If you are interested in applying, please contact dotcom@envoi.io

About Envoi
Envoi is a cloud-based content management, distribution, and monetization platform, developed by creators for creators. Envoi was built to connect audiences directly with content makers. It integrates seamlessly with existing management and production tools to enable users to move entire workflows to the public or private cloud. 
For more information, please visit http://envoi.io/
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