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London, UK, 11th July 2019 – Groovy Gecko (http://www.groovygecko.com), the live streaming specialist, has helped launch the new Facebook Questions Card for Facebook Live, with one of the first ever activations taking place in the music industry.  
Using the new technology, Groovy Gecko recently streamed a live interview with globally renowned US band, The Lumineers, in London’s Union Chapel.  Viewers watching on Facebook were able to use the live questions card, overlaid on the live stream to submit questions, which were moderated, before being asked by the presenter George Lamb.   
The technology works across any Facebook Live and provides a highly engaging way for viewers to participate in live streams from their favourite bands and brands.
Band members from The Lumineers were interviewed ahead of featuring on the Other Stage at Glastonbury, their third appearance at the world-renowned festival.

“Audiences are favouring more interactivity and opportunities to participate in their online experiences. Being able to access bands and put direct questions to their idols has been made possible with the development of this tool. We saw tremendous excitement among the live stream viewers when their questions were selected which is exactly at the heart of what this tool is all about, fans getting up close access and driving the conversation. This isn’t just about music and bands as the tool can be used for a wide range of brand activity.”

Jake Ward

Business Development Director, Groovy Geck

The questions card was incredibly popular and those posed by live viewers were moderated by the editorial team and when selected presented to the interviewer via a confidence monitor and in ear comms from the director. Fans reacted enthusiastically to shaping the interview and seeing their name and question appear on a lower third on the live video stream. 
Following the success of this activation, it is set to be used again in the coming weeks for an exciting interview with members of a prime-time TV programme, as well as for a panel discussion streamed to brand channels on Facebook. 

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