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Stockhom, Sweden, 15th July 2020 – Media Stats report released by the cloud-based media management hub iconik, demonstrates a significant increase in the usage of cloud-based solutions and remote media workflows over recent months. New organisations are using iconik and there has been a rise in activity among existing users. Data managed within iconik has tripled since the start of 2020.
Following a positive response to sharing its data with the rest of the industry in January 2019, iconik has revealed its Q1-Q2 findings which offer insights into the impact of Covid-19 on media. Within the platform itself, data has increased 285% since 31st December 2019, and there has been an increase in cloud workflow adoption by iconik customers as organizations support their teams working from home.
The report finds that an increase in remote working is causing a notable rise in unique daily iconik sessions. In June 2020 there were 368 million API calls to iconik’s frontend, approximately 140 calls per second. Without easy access to the office, hybrid cloud storage is proving invaluable. iconik has seen a sharp increase in assets stored in the cloud, which brings the storage split for hi-res, original assets to 70% cloud and 30% on-premise.
There is a significant trend towards businesses across all verticals becoming media focused by using visual and audio content to share their brand story. The report offers insights into how different sectors are responding to the current climate, as well as a breakdown of type and number of assets. This media focused trend is likely to reach more sectors in the months to come, due to the necessity of ongoing social distancing for all workplaces.
Parham Azimi, CEO, iconik, commented: “The pandemic has accelerated an existing move towards digitizing media workflows and moving content to the hybrid cloud. With organizations experiencing the challenges of managing a decentralized workforce, remote collaboration is proving essential for business continuity. Once more companies have experienced the ease of working in this way, they are unlikely to return to relying solely on on-premises storage, cementing the hybrid-cloud within their business model.”
You can read the full report on the iconik website.

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