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Madrid, Spain, 25th July 2018 – Integrasys, a leading manufacturer of Carrier Monitoring Systems  and VSAT commissioning tools has closed its 2017 year results with a significant revenue and profit growth from the previous year. 
The company, which was established in 1990, has closed its 2017 report with three times the profit compared to 2016. This positive increase can be attributed to its successful customer wins and strategic partnerships. It is also attributed to the launch and further development of a number of innovative solutions, including Satmotion Pocket and Alusat, both of which have recently won a number of awards. Alusat has been granted the ‘Best Ground Segment Technology’ in the VSAT Stellar Awards and ‘Teleport Technology of the Year’ in the World Teleport Association’s 2018 Teleport Awards for Excellence. While Satmotion Pocket won the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ in the Vision Awards.
Satmotion Pocket is a unique VSAT Auto Commissioning System that simplifies the commissioning process to minimize deployment time and effort, as well as significantly reducing costs during the installation and maintenance. 
Alusat is a unique Automated Network Maintenance System that allows accurate installation during remote commissioning as well as the consistent monitoring of a VSAT site after installation to ensure optimisation of operation and the minimisation of costs caused by service failure and site re-visits.
Controlsat is the best Carrier Monitoring on the market, it is extremely innovative, whilst being faster and way more user friendly. Integrasys has recently enhanced this tool for better exporting and reporting capabilities in an attractive layout for immediate display of the SLAs, and QoS without the need of any further analysis.

Recent expansion has also led Integrasys to grow its team and move to bigger offices to accommodate the rapid growth. The company is continually investing in its development, in not just its offices and offerings but also in its team, hiring qualified individuals to assist in its continuous developments. 

“As a company, growth is a key driver for development. We are regularly investing in our expansion, and talent is key for supporting our customers; this growth in profit is a great demonstration of that effort. We are looking to the future to continue this healthy and sustainable growth.”

Alvaro Sanchez

General Manager, Integrasys

About Integrasys
Founded in 1990 by Hewlett Packard engineers, Integrasys specialises in providing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and broadcast markets. Its solutions enable fast and efficient installation and monitoring, helping reduce both errors and cost. 
Integrasys is a privately-owned company, founded in 1990 by a group of experts in automated RF and microwave test systems and software. 
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