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Other Services

Other Services

For a number of our clients, we do more than just Public Relations. We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients improve their brand presence and awareness across a range of channels. That includes handling Marketing campaigns, Branding and Design, and managing Social Media accounts, which we manage for most of our clients.
As a flexible and agile agency, we are also happy to get involved in other areas of the business where you may need support, such as administration.

Website copy

In the modern era of the internet, your web site is a shop front to the world. Designers can make your site eye catching and grab the attention of a passer-by searching for your wares, but the text is the snappy sales assistant that is going to persuade them to stay.

Whether you are an international company looking for an English version of an existing website, a company looking to rebrand or overhaul an existing site, or you are looking to create a site from scratch, we can write or amend the copy to suit your needs.

Creating copy for your site doesn’t need to cost the earth and we can work directly with your designer to make your life a little easier.

Event presence and media support

Exhibiting at, or even just attending events, generally involves considerable expense. We can help you make sure you are maximising the value of those events.

This could involve media relations leading up to, during, and after the event; email mailshots to your contacts; a social media campaign; or news announcements, for example.

During the event itself, we can be on hand to give you extra support on stand and deal with media enquiries. We can also attend any media briefings to ensure the conversation stays on topic and on message.

Speaking submissions

Maybe you have an event in mind or you would like us to find appropriate events for you to talk at. Either way, speaking at an event can be a spring board to getting you known as an opinion former. This very often leads onto other speaking opportunities and/ or more opportunities to voice your opinion in the trade media.


Radical Moves PR can write articles as a one off or part of a package of other services.

If you have something to say that’s a little more than a press release, maybe a valid opinion on a topic, writing articles are a great way to set yourself up as an opinion leader. Remember an article is not an advert and there is a fine line to be here. If it reads too much like an ad, it won’t get accepted. We can help you strike the right balance.

Press releases

Whether a one off or part of a larger campaign, Radical Moves PR can write and distribute a press release for you.

If you have something news worthy, you want to share, we can help. For a bigger story, we can also setup briefings with interested media.

Social campaigns

A carefully planned and orchestrated social media campaign can keep your audience engaged and encourage new followers. Choosing the right platform and message can be key here. Radical Moves PR can help you get heard.

White papers

White papers are highly technical pieces that can talk about a subject in great detail. It is important that they are laid out correctly and hit the right tone for your readers. Radical Moves PR can assist with getting that right and finding the right distribution channel to maximise the audience for your paper.