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Madrid, Spain, 25th April 2019 – Alvaro Sanchez, CEO of Integrasys and Marquees of Antella, has paid a visit to Antella in Italy where he and his wife, Marquise of Antella, Kristina Lilejeva, were welcomed by the local elementary school, Michelet.
Having recently been named Marquees, Alvaro Sanchez was keen to visit the town, learn more about its history and meet the future generation. During his visit to the school, the children treated him in an extremely welcoming manner, and presented a show. Alvaro and Kristina also came armed with gifts for all the teachers and children.

“We were really honoured to welcome the Marquees and Marquise to our school. The children were really excited to receive them and will remember the experience favourably.”

Anna Maria Ermini

Headmistress, Michelet

The title of Marquees of Antella is a noble title originally given by King Philip IV of Spain to Nicolo Pallavicino Piamonte in 1649, as gratitude for his support to the Spanish Empire during the Thirty Years War. Alvaro Sanchez inherited the title from his father in December 2018.

“It is really important to me that I honour this title by giving back to the people of Antella. It was such a pleasure to visit the beautiful city and meet the youngsters who will build the future of Antella. My wife and I had such a wonderful welcome and the children´s show was fantastic to watch and very emotional.”

Alvaro Sanchez

CEO, Integrasys and Marquees of Antella

Alvaro is planning on using his noble title to support and motivate the young generation in Spain and Italy to study and become great professionals.

Alvaro is CEO of Integrasys, a fast-growing company providing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and broadcast markets. A very innovative company, it has received 4 innovation awards in the last 4 years, and has a global presence with offices in USA, Europe and Asia.

About Integrasys
Founded in 1990 by Hewlett Packard engineers, Integrasys specialises in providing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and broadcast markets. Its solutions enable fast and efficient installation and monitoring, helping reduce both errors and cost. 
Integrasys is a fast growing company which was awarded with the most innovative technology award in 2018 at Satellite show by the WTA. Its revenue has increased 30% each year over the last three years, and last year it tripled its profit. 
For more information, please visit http://www.integrasys-space.com/
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