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By Helen Weedon, Owner, Radical Moves PR 

The Radical Moves PR team is back from what must have been our busiest IBC ever. IBC is always a hectic time of year for us, not just the show itself but also the long build up, ensuring we get exposure for a growing roster of clients. Then we arrive in Amsterdam and rack up the steps flitting from client to client and making sure it is a success for everyone. This year I think we literally did not stop at all, I was even grabbing tea from the helpfully stocked UKTI room and drinking it on-the-go. However, it was also hugely successful and a lot of fun so I thought I would take some time to reflect on our busiest IBCs yet.

This year we had a total of 12 clients attending the show in some form or another, from those who just visited and others with full booths and marketing campaigns to go with it. It was also a really exciting time for us here at Radical Moves PR, not least because some of the team have never been to IBC before – imagine! Catrin excelled herself as our social media guru making sure our clients not only had ample social posts leading up to the show but even planning and scheduling more to appear while we were on site. We also had our latest addition in tow, Gareth whose video skills were in extremely high demand.

The newly rebranded 7fivefive was walking the halls, introducing the new look company while Groovy Gecko did a live stream from the Facebook booth where Jake Ward discussed some of its most recent webcast projects. The team from Crystal was also walking the halls but spent its time split between some key meetings in the IABM room and on its new sister company’s booth, make.tv. It was an exciting time for Crystal having only just been acquired by LTN Global. Watch out for Roger Franklin’s interview with IABM TV.

The Satcoms Innovation Group once again teamed up with ETL Systems to host a champagne reception, which was, as always, well attended. Catrin worked extremely hard doubling as a waitress throughout. Martin Coleman, Executive Director, did his usual stint in front of the camera for both the World Teleport Association and for our very own RMPR cameraman. We even took the camera over to one of the SIG members, Kratos. A great trial run that we may repeat at future SIG events. It is also very important for SIG to get around to as many of its members as possible and IBC is a great event for doing that.

In Hall 1 we had both Atlantic Microwave, which was demonstrating its range of RF equipment, and its sister company, ETL Systems. ETL announced the launch of a new compact L-band matrix / router which is idea for LEO gateways.

Moving out of Hall 1, Object Matrix was again in Hall 6 demonstrating the latest version of its MatrixStore object storage solution. Of course, it wouldn’t be IBC without interesting fun run costumes from the team at Object Matrix!

 Cantemo and iconik were together in Hall 7 showing the latest updates to media asset management and cloud video management solutions. Also in Hall 7 was Open Broadcast Systems which launched a range of updates to its IP encoders and decoders, including a high density solution and SCTE support. Of course, when we heard there would be drinks together with Cerberus, we knew it would be rude not to go along!

Over in Hall 14 Suitest was demonstrating its test automation solutions and giving away its latest innovation, Solo Candy, single device testing on a simple USB stick. Also in Hall 14 was Accedo. As well as launching the latest version of its Accedo One platform, which includes Accedo One Marketplace and an impressive roster of partners, Accedo was demonstrating some really exciting AR for sports innovations. Accedo spokespeople could be found presenting in the Connected Media zone theatre, IABM Future Theatre, and on the Google stand. Accedo also received highly commended award together with its partner, Jump, in the CSI awards.

Finally I just want to thank my amazing team, who made IBC go off without a hitch for us and our clients. Catrin worked hard scanning badges on the Accedo stand, taking photos, and keeping on top of all the social posts, as well as having to double as a waitress serving champagne and coffee (at different times). Gareth spent most of the show with the video camera in tow, running around the halls recording clients and their partners. His expertise meant he was able to put even the most nervous interviewee at ease. They both did all of that without losing their smiles and made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable (though I will be glad of 12 months to recover).