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By Helen Weedon

As we head into June that can only mean one thing… BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia, or as they are now known ConnecTechAsia (which I’m sure is a change designed just to confuse us all)!

The show has been steadily growing over recent years, so much so that last year the organisers were forced to hold the two parts on two different sites a good 20 minute taxi drive apart. It very nearly caught me off guard last year, which was particularly tricky as I was sent out for two clients, based of course in the two different parts of the show. So if you are heading out this year, especially if it is your first time there, or if you didn’t go last year, then make sure you book in lots of time to get from one part to the other, even beyond the norm for IBC. Even better, if you are visiting both shows, you might want to consider blocking out mornings in one, afternoons in the other.

Whenever I go to tradeshows around the world, there are two big things I struggle with. Firstly, as a Brit, I can’t survive more than a couple of hours without a cup of English tea with milk. I have tried other teas and worked on being adventurous, but when it comes to tea, I just can’t do it. Luckily, in Singapore, finding tea is quite easy and they don’t even try putting coffee cream in it (which I’ve encountered many times at IBC). However, if you are a real tea connoisseur then I highly recommend taking the time to head to Raffles for a proper afternoon tea Singapore style.

The other thing I find hard at shows is eating (yes, I realised these both show that I’m largely ruled by my stomach)! Skipping meals is not an option for me, but it is especially not a great idea for anyone trying to keep going at a tradeshow. Yet, all too often people just don’t have time to grab lunch or they are simply uninspired by tradeshow food. Luckily BroadcastAsia is neatly sitting above a shopping mall with a large array of cafes on hand and just across from another range of shops and cafes. If you like quirky, then head to the egg restaurant – yep, you read correctly, a restaurant where everything in the menu contains egg and the whole place is decorated in this theme too. Obviously, avoid this place if you are allergic to egg as you simply won’t find anything safe to eat!

Last year I was also caught out by the ban on open toed shoes. Singapore is hot, really hot. I live in Wales, anything above 19 degrees and I’m donning sandals. Therefore, I only packed sandals so when I was told on the first day that they weren’t allowed, I could see this being a problem. Luckily some of the door staff were more relaxed than others but if you are thinking of doing the same as me, it could be worth popping in a spare pair of shoes, just in case!

This year we have a few clients heading out there, including Accedo, Crystal, Open Broadcast Systems, and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group. If you are heading to the show and fancy meeting any of these, please do get in touch. Equally, talk to us if you would like to know how we can help you maximise your presence at ConnecTechAsia, or any other exhibitions.