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We were recently in Cardiff for the Workflow Innovation Group’s first event in eight years at the Principality Stadium. In one of the private lounges, overlooking the ever green pitch, the event was focused on discussing data security, and each companies approach to solutions and challenges. The event saw people from France, England, and Sweden gathering in Cardiff. By all means, the location, the catering and the lunch buffet were all rather glamorous, and certainly interesting. As a team, we enjoy learning about the tech industry straight from the horse’s mouth, as it is all very innovative. Even more exciting, there are talks of the next event taking place abroad.

The Workflow Innovation Group offers a chance for the tech geniuses of the broadcast industry to get together and talk freely about the chosen topic. Everyone in the room, whether they be competitors or partners, was able to talk through possible challenges they were facing and learn possible ways to overcome them, or share their success stories and perhaps offer guidance. It was described as the industry’s therapy session, and it is a worthy and fitting title.

The Glamour

What a glamorous life we hear you say! Well, amongst all of the sharp suits and discussions of the ways in which to keep the latest blockbuster content safe, what were we doing? Sharpening pencils, and preparing giveaway bags, please refer to the attached image to see how many! The next morning, between breakfast and the event, we were again sharpening pencils and preparing giveaway bags. It doesn’t get much more glamorous.

So, what did we learn whilst at the event? We learnt that the English aren’t too impressed with the away team changing room in the Principality Stadium, and that 25 people sitting down to dinner causes the simple inevitability of incorrect food orders.

Jokes aside, the coffee was brewed, the pastries were out, and everyone entered with a smile on their face. You could instantly feel a sense of comfortableness in the room. It was clear that this was an event people had been looking forward to attending. We made it clear from the beginning that this would be an event in which people could discuss the ins and outs of their company’s workflow and solutions, without it making a headline or a trending story on Linkedin.

Taking Security Seriously

Something that really stuck out for me, as a PR consultant for tech companies was the agreement that when it comes to security, the technology can only do so much. Something that I have also learnt myself is that you have to be able to trust the people you work with. I am sure this is the same for any industry, but for broadcasters, working with high profile, and high value content, it became evident that it was a big crux in the industry, especially as third party freelancers play such a large role. All it takes is one employee with no loyalties, and the upcoming record breaker at the box office can be on the web.

So how are companies going about trying to decrease this problem? Some companies discussed watermarking content when it is sent to third party workflows. Others would invest heavily in outside security testers, sending regular phishing emails, or physically breaking into the building to see what they can access. It became evident quickly that broadcast companies must take security seriously.

The Potential of AI

We also learnt that artificial intelligence is the new topic in the tech industry. We have found in the past few weeks that it is on the lips of almost all our clients, and for a good reason too. The potential of artificial intelligence is astounding when you consider the affect it could have on multiple industries.

Knowledge engineering and machine learning appeared to be the preferred phrases used at the event. Several ways of utilising machine learning were considered, such as generating metadata. Or even using it to gather social media data intelligence to help the machine understand multiple languages and work out the emotion related. Furthermore, AI could be used to recognise titles becoming more popular to optimise airtimes and programme rights. AI could even detect swear words before the watershed, someone added.

A Successful Day

Overall, between sharpening pencils and typing furiously to make sure that we captured every clever and insightful sentence, the event was a success. It may not be all glamour, but getting to tour the Principality Stadium and have a yummy dinner with people that are not only colleagues, but friends, as well as gaining a glimpse into the world of data security in the broadcast industry, it is still pretty glamorous.