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Radical Moves PR team will be venturing out of the Welsh countryside and heading down to London for BVE.

As a specialist agency focusing on marketing and PR for the broadcast and satellite industries, events such as BVE are extremely invaluable for us for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it is of course always good to catch up with people. Not only can we see our clients and support them where needed, we also get to meet up with the media and other people within this industry.

Secondly, what events like this give us is that expert knowledge which sets us apart from other agencies. Walking around the show floor gives us a chance to see what is new, while conversations with clients, the media, and others, help us to understand some of the current challenges in this industry. Of course, we will also try and pop along to some of the sessions while we are there as they can also be a great way to further our understanding.

This understanding is crucial to enabling us to do the best job we can for our clients and it is not static. The broadcast industry is changing so fast right now that we need to keep up with those changes and what they mean for our clients and their customers. 

To help you look out for us there, here’s a bit more about the Radical Moves PR team at BVE.

Helen Weedon (that’s me)

I am the founder of Radical Moves PR and have managed PR campaigns in this industry for nearly 15 years now. It has been really exciting to see how the industry and the provision of media has evolved over that time. And it continues to do so. I’m also a linguist and love nothing more than speaking different languages.

Laura Hiscox

Laura is our Account Manager and has more than 10 years’ PR and Marketing experience. As well as being extremely capable at the traditional PR activity, she is a dab hand at websites and creating compelling marketing collateral.

Catrin Jones

The newest member of our team, Catrin is an Account Executive with a flair for writing and a whizz with social posts. She is new to the industry and keen to learn as much as she can from our trip to BVE. Feel free to stop her and impart your industry knowledge!

If you want to meet us or any of our clients at BVE, please do get in touch. Check out our testimonials to see why our clients choose us!