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Getting PR right the first time is essential. Not many companies will get a second chance to redo a launch, redistribute news of that amazing client just secured, the latest partnership breaking the mould, or revealing their latest research. That’s why having a specialist or niche agency on your side is so critical. At the very heart of the matter niche agencies will know their industry and products like the back of their hand, and will communicate with ease in the places that count.

3 great reasons you should engage a niche PR company

If you are considering hiring a PR firm you should evaluate the advantages of appointing a specialist.  A niche PR company will offer unique skills that non-niche PR firms cannot.

  • They have expertise in the industry

Unlike broad PR practitioners, specialists have real-world first-hand experience in the field. Expertise is what sets the specialists apart from the average PR firm.

  • They have an inbuilt network of media contacts

As rightfully embedded members of their sector niche PR companies have built up and cultivated contacts ready to place content in the correct publications and media outlets. They can connect with the right people to get your brand messages to your ripe and ready audience.

  • They know your audience

The best niche PR companies have a solid understanding of the trade publications, magazines, website, social media sites, news sources, blogs and events most viewed and read by your audience. Best of all, they understand your audience and how to reach them. So, you shouldn’t leave it to chance that a jack of all trades could really master one. 

Take comfort from choosing an agency that has direct experience with your specific audience, sector and markets and hit the ground running.

Radical Moves PR has over 10 years’ experience managing social media platforms for B2B companies. We can help you build a strategy for a one-off event, or give you more long-term assistance to help grow engagement and build a following. Just get in touch if you would like to know more.